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Fire Pit Patio Receiving Final CLC Approval

-- April 12th, 2011

Fire Pit Patio received news from CLC (Collegiate Licensing Co.) that they have been approved by several Universities in Utah for licensing rights to use their College & University Logos on Fire Pit Patio's, Fire Pit products.  Contact us to let us know what unversity you would like to see on a
fire pit!   


Wood Burning Fire Pits by Fire Pit Patio

Fire Pit Patio's wood burning fire pit kit is like no other firepit on the market. This wood burning fire pit is an easily portable firepit that is modular in design.

The trash can-style inner liner makes cleanup a breeze. After the fire pit has cooled, simply remove the inner liner from the base plate & dump the ashes into the trash can. The liner also fastens securely to a base plate with a locking clevis pin.

When burning wood, the unique vented design of the liner also allows more oxygen to fuel the fire creating a larger fire with less wood. And because of the 5" gap between the inner liner and outer shell, the temperature of the outer shell is reduced to as much as 35%.

You'll always be within minutes of a nature wood burning camp fire. The wood burning fire pit is light weight and easily portable, so you can take it with you and always have an enclosed fire pit for outdoor wood burning just about anywhere.


1) Designer Outer Shell - Select from a variety of different outer shells that have been powder-coated with high-temp paint. Outer shells are also sold separately and can be used interchangeably with any of Fire Pit Patio's fire pit kits.

2) Removable Liner
The removable inner trash can-style liner provides an easy method for cleaning up when you're finished using your wood burning fire pit. The liner securely locks to the base plate.

3) DUTCH OVEN, BRIQUETTE COLLAR - The briquette collar, which securely fastens to the base plate with a locking clevis pin, can host a standard or custom grilling grate for barbeque style cooking. Dutch Ovens (up to 14 inches) fit perfectly inside the briquette collar. Cook your favorite meal in the open, or place the designer outer shell around the base plate. Dutch oven riser plates are also available for Dutch ovens without integrated legs.

fire pit base with briquette collar
fire pit base plate with dutch oven collar
Fire pit with grilling grate accessory

4) Fire Pit Patio User/Safety Manual & Safety Gloves

5) The ability to add Fire Pit Patio Accessories and upgrade - Because of its unique modular design, Fire Pit Patio's base plate allows you to add on the Fuel Gel Burning Tray, Grilling Kit, and Briquette Collar.


$129.99 - 169.99  Outer Shell Only
$229.99 - 269.99  Wood Burning Fire Pit
$ 9.99 - 49.99  Fire Pit Accessories
*Price varies depending on selected design

Wood Burning Kit w/ Nature Shell

Wood Burning Kit w/ Am. Flag Shell

Inner Wood Burning Liner w/out Shell

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